Testimonial to CRMA

I joined Castle Rock Martial Arts in August of 2007 and have been training with them every week since that time.  I remember going to martial arts training back in the 80’s as a child and have distinct memories of the customs and courtesies taught at that time.  I was surprised and excited that the customs and courtesies taught at Castle Rock Martial Arts are nearly the same as I remember from my youth, which tells me that the “art” has not been lost to modern day society or the and the training received is rich with culture from the multiple disciplines that are taught.  Through the training and individual practice I have become more energetic and have lost twenty-six pounds.  When I started the program I had a bad right knee on which I could barely kneel, now because of the training and the gained energy and weigh loss the knee pain is virtually gone.   Master Scott and Mrs. Cheryl have been awesome instructors, mentors and friends.   I can sit back as an outside observer and tell that they both live the lifestyle that they profess to teach to each student that comes through the door.   I am older than both of them and come from a very regimented background where respect is never given it is earned, I have the utmost respect and honor for both Master Scott and Mrs. Cheryl and look to them both as my mentor in the martial arts and my friends.  I am a State Trooper with the Colorado State Patrol and my job is one that can be dangerous and highly stressful, however with the training received through Castle Rock Martial Arts I walk into dangerous situations with more confidence, energy and calm then I had before.  Master Scott and Mrs. Cheryl provide the ability for every student to excel and grow as a martial artist, and each individual can make of the training what they will, it’s up to them.   I initially started thinking of it as a hobby and as Master Scott has repeated multiple times, martial arts is a lifestyle that is live by a martial artist, and for me it has become part of who I am and I do my best to live the lifestyle or a martial artist both at the school and in my personal life. The training is not about fighting, it’s about self defense and being a humble person in your life.  The art and the training is supported by six training principals which every person should strive to live by, those principals being to be patient with others, to be polite, to be alert, to be brave,  to always do your best and to always respect yourself and others.  I am currently a black belt student and also an instructor, which is a testament to the training received and the confidence that Master Scott and Mrs. Cheryl have in their students.    Prior to joining Castle Rock Martial Arts I looked at several other schools and was not overly impressed with what I saw.  It seemed to me that the “art” was overcast by the desire for wealth and prosperity.  Though nothing is free, the training received from Castle Rock Martial Arts is more than worth the money spent, which is significantly less than the other schools I looked at.   I would whole heartedly recommend Castle Rock Martial Arts to any interested person, and continually try to bring others into the art.  Two of my sons and one of my daughters are also students at Castle Rock Martial Arts, my third son will follow suit once he is old enough, and he still likes to mimic what he sees when his brothers and I practice at home.    Thanks to Master Scott and Mrs. Cheryl for taking the gamble and moving to Colorado with nearly nothing and setting up the premier martial arts school in Castle Rock! 

Trent W.

Student/ Instructor at and for Castle Rock Martial Arts 




My name is Stacey Osgood and this is my testimony about Castle Rock Martial Arts. 

            We have been there for a year and a half, but before that we were at a different martial art place for six months in Castle Rock.  We left that place because they wanted us to sign a four year contract.  My daughter was eight years old at the time and that is a huge commitment not knowing if she would want to continue in martial arts that long.  So we decided to look for other places she could train.  We looked at all the options in Castle Rock and felt like Castle Rock Martial Arts was the best fit.

           Much to our surprise, it went above and beyond our expectations.  I only had one daughter doing martial arts at the time and the other two had no interest in doing it.  Once we changed places my two daughters that were observers pointed out why Castle Rock Martial Arts was so much better than the other place.  They pointed out how you really felt welcome there on not just like “a number or a dollar sign”.  They also pointed out how much personal attention was given to you in your training.  This made my other two girls’ want to join in and train in martial arts also.  The other two things that impressed my girls’ is that their master and his wife are Christians. Also that when you receive your new belt after testing you receive the belt from your master with personalized feed back about what you did well on the test and what can be improved. 

            My girls absolutely love martial arts because of Master Scott and Miss Cheryl.  They are so positive, fun, and good role models.  As a mom I appreciate this very much, as well as, there genuine interest in my kids, family, and life.  They genuinely really care and run there business as one big family and will work with you in any situation.



Stacey O.


Castle Rock Martial Arts is a fantastic place to learn various martial arts styles.  My son has attended CRMA for 2 1/2 years and loves every minute of it. He has not only learned several martial arts techniques, but he's gained self-confidence and pride in himself.  The owners and instructors treat each of their students and staff like family.  Not only do they provide a safe and fun place for students to train, but they go above and beyond by having movie nights, community fund-raisers and a yearly family picnic every summer.  Master Scott is a gifted teacher.  He instills self-confidence in his students, but also expects all his students to respect not only their leaders, but other students as well.  All of the instructors my son has have been great.  They're always encouraging and make sure the needs of each student is addressed.
Jyll S. 





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