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Q. What ages do you start

We start as young as 4 years old.
Our programs are broken down into different categories for different age levels.

  • Little Ninjas: Ages 4-6
  • Youth Martial Arts: Ages 7-12
  • Kids Krav Maga: Ages 7-12
  • Adult Martial Arts: 13 and Above
  • Krav Maga: Ages 13 and Above

Q. How many classes can I come to per week?

Little Ninjas are able to attend up to 3
classes per week. Our Program offers Unlimited Classes with your membership. You pay one monthly rate and you can attend about 9 classes a week. Some choose only to come to one class a week and others attend 4 classes or more per week. We offer several classes because we know your schedule is hectic. Find the days that work best for you and get going!!

Q. Are there contracts that I have to sign

At CRMA we give you the option. We have month to month programs and we also have yearly agreements available. If you choose to enroll for a longer period of time then we will reward you with a larger discount on your monthly tuition.
Either way, it is up to you.

Q. What do I wear?

A gi, dobak, or uniform is the customary apparel for Martial Arts Classes.
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu wears a rash guard and board shorts. Krav Maga will wear a Rank Shirt at all times. All martial arts apparel will be available to you through CRMA.

Q. Will my old belt transfer over to the Youn Wha Style?

Each martial art is different. We will have to evaluate each instance on an individual basis. We have to compare curriculum from your former training facility and see how it will integrate into ours. We understand that your belt is important to you. Instructors will have to evaluate knowledge based on techniques, skill level, and overall martial arts knowledge.

Q. Can we train in the same classes together?

Families can train in the same classes together as long as they are 7 and above. Children that are younger will be in our Little Ninjas program. There might be times when you will be separated in the class due to age appropriate material.

Q. Do you have family rates?

Absolutely!! We want families to train together!! The family that kicks together sticks together.Ok that might be cheesy, but it works!!

Q. How do I know what to practice outside of class?

Practice is the best way to perfect technique. The most important thing about training without an instructor present is to practice each technique correctly. We offer reference manuals that have detailed descriptions and pictures to ensure that you are learning correctly outside of class. For additional one on one training we do offer private lessons.

Q. How will I know if I am ready for Testing?

Testing will be held for Traditional Martial Arts every 2 months. Krav Maga Rank Testing will be held every 3-6 months. All testing material will be covered in classes. The week before Testing we will hold a “Pre Testing Week.” That will be a review of your material that is required for promotion. Upon review of the student’s pretest the Instructor makes the decision whether or not the student is ready. There are many factors that go into testing: Class attendance, attitude, technique,school grades, and overall knowledge.

Q. Are there Registration fees or Association fees upon Enrollment?

No. Some Academies have these fees, but at CRMA you will never incur those.