Brian Shumaker

What got you interested in the Martial Arts?

What originally got me interested in karate (besides the 1984 hit movie of course) was when my best friend since 2nd grade became a black belt in Shotokan during the time we were in high school. Then after watching one of his tournaments, I decided I wanted to be on the mat instead of watching from the sidelines! I had grown up playing competitive baseball and soccer, but the new challenge of martial arts excited me and I was up for the challenge!

How long have you been training?

I initially started my formal training in 1994, under the Shotokan style as well as under the Ryobu Kai – Shindo Jinen Ryu federation. In our particular dojo (school/academy) we incorporated jiu-jitsu and judo in addition to the traditional Japanese style and katas (forms) to help broaden our experience and understanding of multiple arts. After competing in local and state competitions, I initially went on to compete in the 1997 JKA National Tournament in New Orleans, taking home 3rd place and a shiny bronze medal in the Forms Division. After a brief hiatus from training, I started back when my wife and I moved to Houston, TX in 2004, and studied Go-Kan-Ryu, which is also a traditional Japanese style of karate, and also began teaching various classes. I am passionate in life about teaching and coaching others, so it was an amazing experience to get to not only continue learning for myself, but also then help others achieve their goals. After having to move 3 more times for work, we landed in Castle Rock, CO, and here is where I was so lucky to find Castle Rock Martial Arts and Master Scott! CRMA is such an amazing place to train and I am honored to help be a part of the instructor team to help share in the learning, practice, and discipline of martial arts!


1st Degree Red Belt Youn Wha Ryu– CRMA/Carroll Academy

Brown Belt – Ryobu Kai/Shotokan

Brown Belt/Asst. Instructor Go-Kan-Ryu

Orange Belt Judo

What do you like to teach most?

I always enjoy helping and teaching others, but I love working with our beginner students of all ages, and those who are just starting out. They encourage me more than they’ll ever know, and I absolutely love to see the progress and accomplishments achieved in each new stage. Just like anything else in life, you have to have a solid foundation in order to progress, and CRMA definitely provides that foundation for all levels of students.

What is your favorite thing about CRMA?

My favorite thing about CRMA is absolutely, 100% the people! Starting with Master Scott and Ms. Cheryl, to all of the instructors, students, and those who support the students (driving them to class/testing and the emotional support behind the scenes, etc.) CRMA truly has an amazing “family”. In addition to the people, it’s also the experience, expertise, and just overall knowledge of martial arts that exists within CRMA which makes it truly the most well rounded martial arts experience I’ve ever had! Plus now, I get to train with my kids and learn from them!