Taylor Miess

What got you interested in the Martial Arts?

When I was little I went to a showing of the karate kid in Festival park. Before the movie started, CRMA did a demonstration and had kids come break boards. I thought it was fun so I decided to sign up for a one month trial and I fell in love with it.

How long have you been training?

I have been training for about five and a half years.


2nd Dan Black Belt Youn Wha Ryu

Level 2 Krav Maga

4th Degree White Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Wrestling- One year

What do you like to teach most?

I like to teach BJJ the most because I am a wrestler and it is where I feel the strongest and the most comfortable.

What is your favorite thing about CRMA?

My favorite thing about CRMA is the community. The atmosphere doesn’t feel like a place where you go just to work out. It is a family. I have so many friends here that are like family to me and I always feel like I am accepted here. No matter what you are a part of the family. It doesn’t matter what your background story is, or what you are like, or the things you like to do. You are always welcome at CRMA.